About Simple Divorce Services

We started Simple Divorce Services with one goal in mind, to help clients with uncontested divorces go through them as simply and as inexpensively as possible. When spouses can agree on virtually every element in a divorce, including child support and custody, property ownership, and debt distribution, they can easily obtain a divorce. As such, we have created flat rate programs with no hidden fees for all of these types of simple, uncontested divorces, by publication when you cannot locate your husband or by Summon. Thereby ensuring that their proceedings are as painless as possible.
Since 2012 Simple Divorce Services has been providing the most affordable and most reliable online divorce preparation service. Your uncontested divorce documents are prepared using the latest court forms for the state of Florida.

We specialize on a NO COURT HEARING DIVORCE.

Simple Divorce

No hidden fees just one flat fee from $299 + court fee which can be waive if you qualify

We are aggressive and highly experienced Legal Document Preparers serving all florida. We pride ourselves in focusing on our clients. We strive to return your phone calls, answer your emails and make you feel at ease We can meet clients that live in Miami Dade, Broward and Palm Beach County. Since we open our doors we have enjoyed being a part of such a caring and connected community.
We are ALWAYS available to speak to you and answer any questions you may have. We offer a wide range of legal document preparation services which includes Divorces, Immigration petitions, Apostilles, and more.

We simplify the divorce process. 

We prepare your divorce documents and send them to you ready to sign once we get the documents signed by you and your spouse we proceed to file them with the court and after the 20th day after filing a Judge completes your divorce by reviewing your documents and signing the Judgment that you and your soon Ex-husband will receive in the mail.

Is that simple, start today. Move on.
Uncontested divorce is what we do.