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Simple-divorce-homeAn affordable alternative to high priced lawyers, Simple Divorce Services is designed to make uncontested divorces as easy and stress free as possible.

Our divorce specialist will ensure that your divorce is handled professionally and efficiently by completing all your specific divorce documents and filing them with the clerk of court.
Our service is perfect for couples whose divorce is uncontested and where there are no disputes over financial matters or issues regarding children of the marriage.

We are based in Florida and only prepare Florida Uncontested divorce.
We will draft the required divorce forms for you within 2 – 3 business days after we receive your questionnaire and return them to you ready to sign. You can then have your divorce finalized in about 30-45 days provided you have reached an agreement with your spouse.

This service will provide you with a complete divorce entirely online, or by mail.


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Florida Court Filing Fee Waiver

If you qualify we will request the court to waive the filing fee due to financial hardship this will save you $409.00. If you want your divorce to be cheap, quick and easy, let us provide you with our exceptional divorce preparation service.
Everything you need to complete your divorce will be prepared and file for you. That includes the Original Petition for Dissolution of Marriage as well as all the other paperwork appropriate for your situation. We also provide detailed instructions on how to notarize and sign the documents. If children are involved child support will be calculated and a parenting plan completed, as well as Time sharing plan and visitation schedule. A mandatory parenting class must be completed before Judge signed off on your divorce. After divorce petition is file it takes about 30 days from there because the judge must wait 20 days before entering a final order. If the judge is on schedule, your final judgment is mailed to you soon after the 20th day. There are no hearings for you to attend. We will be filing the case in a jurisdiction in Florida that will grant a divorce without requiring a court appearance. You do not have to travel to an office, to the clerk’s office or to the courthouse. All you do is sign the documents we send you before a Notary Public, then Scan and email your signed divorce documents or Mail signed documents to our office and we take care of the filing.
There are no hearings for you to attend.  All the paperwork needed will be drafted and sent to you ready for signing.  We take care of the rest until the divorce is finalized.

Requirements for Uncontested Florida divorce:

•  Florida is a “No Fault” divorce state. You simply need to state that the marriage is “irretrievably broken”
•  At least one of the parties has lived in Florida for the past six months
•  Both parties must be in 100% agreement on everything
•  If there are children child support MUST be calculated, if both parents have reached an agreement we will create the documentation to have the judge honor the arrangement
•  A financial affidavit is required by both parties
To summarize the procedure:
•  You must be eligible as explained in this page
•  You fill out and return the questionnaire with preparation fee
•  We draft and send completed documents for you and your spouse to sign
•  Return the signed forms with filling fee of $409 unless you qualify for indigent status, which could reduce your filing fee to $0.
•  After you approve and signed the final draft we will file with the court
•  30-45 days later you and spouse receive a Final Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage in the mail.
The wife may have her former name restore. It is accomplished easily and at no extra cost in this procedure but is costly if done after the case is closed.
After your divorce is granted, the venue for making modifications to your Final Judgment, such as changes to child support, alimony, etc. will be in the county in which your case was file.

We are not attorneys,
Simple Divorce Services is not a law firm and does not give legal advice.
We can only prepare your documents at your direction and with information you provided.
The information provided in this website is not and should not be considered legal advice.